Made Me Glad


Autor: Miriam Webster en

Název Typ Autor (překladu)
en Made Me Glad originálO Miriam Webster
cs Radostí jsi mou autorizovaný překladAP Tereza Pýtrová, Ladislav Štěpán
Skrýt akordy
1.  I will   bless the   Lord forever
I will   trust Him   at all   times
He has   delivered me   from all   fear
He has   set my   feet upon   a rock
And I   will not   be moved
And I'll   say of   the Lord
R:  You are   my shield
My strength
My portion
My shelter
Strong tower
My very   present help   in time   of need
2.  Whom have   I in   heaven but   You
There's none   I desire   besides You
And You   have made   me glad
I'll say   of the   Lord
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