The Blessing


Autoři: Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes en

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1.  The Lord   bless you
And keep   you
Make His   face shine   upon you
And be   gracious to   you
The Lord   turn His
Face toward   you
And give   you peace
R:  Amen
B:  May His   favor be   upon you
And a   thousand generations
And your   family
And your   children
And their   children
And their   children
May His   presence go   before you
And behind   you
And beside   you
All around   you
And within   you
He is   with you
He is   with you
In the   morning
In the   evening
In your   coming
And your   going
In your   weeping
And rejoicing
He is   for you
He is   for you
He is   for you
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