I Am The Bread Of Life


Autor: John Michael Talbot en

Název Typ Autor (překladu)
en I Am The Bread Of Life originálO John Michael Talbot
cs Rájem překladP Josef Hrubý, Učedníci
Skrýt akordy
  I am   the Bread   of Life
All Who   eat this   bread will   never die
I am   God's love   revealed
I am   broken that   you might   be healed
All who   eat of   this Heavenly   bread
All who   drink this   cup of   the covenant
You will   live forever
For I   will raise   you up
No one   who comes   to me
Shall ever   hunger again
No one   who believes   shall ever   thirst
All that   the Father   draws
Shall come   to Me
And I   shall give   them rest
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