Above All


Autoři: Paul Baloche, Lenny LeBlanc en

Název Typ Autor (překladu)
en Above All originálO Paul Baloche, Lenny LeBlanc
cs Nade vší mocí překladP
cs Kvůli nám překladP Jiří Jelínek, Daniel Němec
Skrýt akordy
1.  Above all   D powers   E Above all   A kings
A A /Db bove all   D nature and   E all created   A things
A A /Ab bove all   Gb m wisdom and   E all the   ways of   D man   A /Db
H m 7 You were   here be H m 7 /A fore the   world be E /Ab gan
2.  A Above all   D kingdoms   E Above all   A thrones
A A /Db bove all   D wonders the   E world has   ever   A known
A A /Ab bove all   Gb m wealth and   E treasures of   the   D earth   A /Db
H m 7 There's no   way to   H m 7 /A measure what   you're   Eb worth
R:  A Cruci H m fied   E laid behind   the   A stone
You   A lived to   H m die rej E /Ab ected and   a A lone
E /Ab Like a   Gb m rose   E trampled on   the   D ground   A /Db
You took   the   H m fall   A /Db
And thought   of   D me   E
Above   A all
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