Wounded Soldier


Autor: Danny Daniels en

Název Typ Autor (překladu)
en Wounded Soldier originálO Danny Daniels
cs Jsem samý šrám a rána překladP Karel Řežábek
Skrýt akordy
1.  I am   a wounded   soldier
But I   will not   leave the   fight
Because the   Great Physician   is healing   me.
So I'm   standing in   the battle
In the   armor of   his light
Because his   mighty power   is real   in me.
R:  I am   loved   I am   loved
I am   accepted   I am   accepted
By the   Savior of   my soul    Savior   of my   soul
I am   loved   I am   loved
I am   accept -   ed   I am   accepted
And my   wounds will   be made   whole.
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