Song of Love

Skrýt akordy
1.  G Jesus, King   of my   heart
E m Father, my   peace and   my light
C Spirit, the   D joy of   my soul   You   G are
2.  G Jesus, to   You none   compare
E m Father, I   rest in   Your care
C Spirit, the   D hope of   my heart   You   G are
R:  The   D heavens de C clare You   are   G God
and the   D mountains re C joice G
The   D oceans cry   C “Allelu G ia”
as we   D /A worship You,   G /H Lord
for   C this is   our song   of   G love
3.  G Jesus, You   saved my   soul
E m I’ll thank   You forever   more
C Jesus, the   D love of   my life   G You are
B:  E m Jesus, I   am in   awe
of the   D love that   C You have   G shown
E m Jesus, how   D precious You   are to   C me,
to me.
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