I Trust In You


Autor: John De Jong en

Název Typ Autor (překladu)
en I Trust In You originálO John De Jong
cs Mou cestu v rukou máš autorizovaný překladAP Karel Řežábek
Skrýt akordy
1.  My times   are in   Your hands
I trust   in You
Your love   will never   fail
I trust   in You
Even though   the mountains   fall into   the sea
I trust   in You
Even if   the stars   should fall
And all   the world   is shaken
2.  When I   can't see   the way
I trust   in You
I believe   the things   You say
I trust   in You
Even when   I'm sinking   down beneath   the waves
I trust   in You
I know   that You   will lift   me up
And put   my feet   on solid   ground
R:  Every day,   You're faithful
You must   see from   above
Like a   tree in   Your temple
I'm surrounded   by the   strongholds
Of Your   love
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